Friday, August 30, 2013

RBYC September Update

Hi folks,

We've a couple of great events coming up in September and would love your participation, either just for the fun of it if you're in to movies, or to join our volunteer effort as RBYC once again continues the fight against the global problem of marine debris.

What's on this month?

Tuesday 3rd September - SPECIAL MOVIE NIGHT - A cinema extravaganza!  Winner of eight academy awards including best picture and best musical score, and the music was written over 225 years ago!  Come relive this stunning visual and musical masterpiece,Amadeus.
Now just released in a digitally remastered version, the “director’s cut,” with a 20 minute longer running time than the 1984 original.  An excellent historical biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart directed by Milos Foreman in high definition digital format on Sam’s Tours big screen and super sound system.
Mozart, a prolific musical genius, died very young, and theories of nefarious plots on his life have swirled about through the centuries ever since.   Were established members of the musical aristocracy enraged by this brash, irreverent, upstart whose way with women and melodies prefigured modern rock stars?  Come see this controversial biopic that explores one of the leading theories.
Filmed on location in Prague with buildings and streets older than the music.  Experience the very opera house in which “Don Giovanni” was first presented, Mozart directing. 
So don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to once again see this epic film on the big screen with sound quality to match.  Screening starts at 6.45pm at Sam’s Tours.

Friday 20th September - Dinghy Raft Up - weather permitting!  For those of you who haven't attended one before, bring your dinghy, some drinks, and a nibbly thing to share, meeting at Sam's at 5pm and heading out to watch the sunset somewhere.  If you're like me and don't have a dinghy then just rock up and someone will take you in :)

September - Project Aware Dive Against Debris Month of Action
More than six million tons of marine litter is estimated to enter the ocean each year. But scuba divers globally have a zoom focus on battling the ocean’s silent killer from beneath the surface – especially during September’s Debris Month of Action. The mission? To combat the growing marine debris problem and inspire year-round action to remove, report and prevent underwater debris.  RBYC is an avid supporter of Project Aware clean up events and September is no exception.  Please email us if you'd like to be involved in our next harbour clean up event (date to be confirmed), or sign up on the RBYC notice board at Sam's Tours.  

RBYC Online

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RBYC Membership Renewals in 2013 -  Pop in to the Sam's Tours Dive Shop and renew your membership today.  We're pleased to announce that our membership dues for 2013 remain unchanged with Regular membership $25, or Family membership $35.  A list of all the RBYC member benefits can be found on our blog here  

Have a great week ahead!

The RBYC Team :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

RBYC Inaugural Juniors Kayak Races

On Wednesday 19th June 2013 the Royal Belau Yacht Club (RBYC) launched a new annual community initiative 'Juniors Kayak Races'.   Prior to the event a small media campaign was sent out encouraging children ages 4-18 for participation.  The RBYC received a terrific response for the inaugural races with 35 official contestants and an additional 15 kids just along for the fun.  The event was hosted at Sam's Tours with a course mapped out from the end of the docks to marker buoys and back to the finish line.  Both single and double kayak races were held and prizes were awarded for three age categories; 6-9, 10-14 and 15-18, with a combination of younger and older kids teaming up for the doubles races.  RBYC would like to congratulate all participants on a tremendous effort and a special mention to the following children who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in their age divisions: Jake McKaskle, Thomas Iyker, Nisha Johnson, Mimokl Scott, Noel Keane, Means Ngirmeriil, Iziah Adachi, Carson Sumor, Rhys Betz and Devon Fox.  The doubles races were a hot contest with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places being won by Maximus and Mimokl Scott, Carson Sumor and Jacque Scott, and Arianna Ngirmeriil and Iziah Adachi.

The event wouldn't have been possible without the proposals support by the RBYC Board and a host of local businesses also committed to sponsoring this fun kids day.  RBYC would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous donations of prizes, goods and services which has made the event possible; Planet Blue Kayak Tours, Neco Plaza and Payless, Surangels, The Palau Shop, M/V Pacific, Shimbros and Sam's Tours.  In addition to the business sponsors the Juniors Kayak Races also wouldn't happened without the fantastic team of volunteers who attended the event including Planet Blue staff, RBYC Members and the participants parents assisting with marshalling, safety, photography and logistics on the day.  More race photos and video can be viewed on the RBYC Facebook group  Big smiles all around show a fun day was had by all, congratulations again to all those who participated in the Juniors Kayak Races.  Follow RBYC on the net for more community events coming up later in the year.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

The happy participants still elated after a big day on the kayaks!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Cook-off !

Please click on the link below to see information about the annual Cinco de Mayo Cook-off Contest!

Bring your entry of Mexican cuisine to participate and be eligible to judge and win one of several prizes available !

Event tasting begins at 6:00 pm on Sunday,   May 5th,  2o13.

Discounted margaritas will be available.

Friday, April 5, 2013

RBYC April Update

Hi folks,

A number of new yachts have arrived in Palau in March so Welcome to you all.  Sadly we also say farewell to a number of favourites that have been here through the high season.  We wish you all the best on your next adventure and hope you come back to visit us again soon :)

What's on this month?

Tuesday 9th April - Movie Night at Sam's 6.45pm screening Argo.  
A dramatization of the 1980 joint CIA-Canadian secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran. Starring and directed by Ben Affleck.

Tuesday 16th April - Movie Night at Sam's 6.45pm screening Promised Land. 
A salesman for a natural gas company experiences life-changing events after arriving in a small town, where his corporation wants to tap into the available resources.  Starring Matt Damon and Frances McDormand.

Friday 19th April - Dinghy Raft Up!  For those of you who haven't attended one before, bring your dinghy, some drinks, and a nibbly thing to share, meeting at Sam's at 5pm and heading out to watch the sunset somewhere.  We drive out in the dingies as a group, find a nice place to stop, tie up together, and drift about till we're ready to go home.  If you don't have your own dinghy, not to worry.  Just turn up at Sam's for 5pm and someone will take you out with them.

Monday 22nd April - Earth Day Harbour Clean Up at Sam's Tours.  Volunteers needed - please email if you are interested in participating or signup on the list at RBYC board.

Tuesday 23rd April - Movie Night at Sam's 6.45pm screening The Darjeeling Limited. 
One year after their father's funeral, three brothers travel across India by train in an attempt to bond with one another.  Directed by Wes Anderson.  Sign up for Taj bento dinners on RBYC signup list.

Tuesday 30th April - Movie Night at Sam's 6.45pm screening a movie of Sam's choice.  Watch the notice board or email for details.

Sunday 5th May - Cinco de Mayo Mexican cook-off!  Bring along a dish to be judged and shared.  Discounted margaritas available.  Prizes for first / second / third place!

RBYC Online

RBYC has continued spreading their cyber wings by joining the Google social networking platform Google+.  So whether you're Facebook, Google+ or both, be sure to find and add us to your profile to stay connected :)  Our RBYC Google+ profile can be found by searching for RBYC Palau when you're accessing your Google+ pages.

Once again don't forget to check out the RBYC Blog at  Don't forget to 'Like' us on Facebook and spread the word!  

RBYC Membership Renewals in 2013 -  Pop in to the Sam's Tours Dive Shop and renew your membership today.  We're pleased to announce that our membership dues for 2013 remain unchanged with Regular membership $25, or Family membership $35.  A list of all the RBYC member benefits can be found on our blog here  

Have a great month ahead!

The RBYC Team :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning to Sail is an exhilarating way to help wipe your worries away

So if you're not already a sailor, and looking for a little motivation, check out this enthusiastic article kindly sent to us from Kimberley McNath from Lauderdale Marine Centre.

"If you are a person who enjoys being on the water, enjoys the feeling of freedom and adventure you get from being on a yacht with your friends and family and breathing the fresh clean sea air, then I have one simple piece of advice for you, learn how to sail!

There are many reasons I can think of why I would encourage any boating enthusiast to learn how to sail but the first and, in my opinion, most important is it's fun! There is really no more exhilarating feeling than being at the wheel of a yacht. Navigating the open water and coaxing your vessel to act and react just how you want her to is one of the most exciting feelings a person could ever experience. Whether your cup of tea is fishing, entertaining friends and family, or just getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and spending time on the water, yachting is a hobby that has so much to offer.

If you've ever been on a yacht you know how amazing it can be. When you're on the water you feel like the whole ocean is your own. Now imagine that you are the captain of that yacht. The ship goes where you want her to go when you want her to go there. There is really no experience quite like it. Your family and friends will be amazed when you take control of the vessel and take them on the adventure of a lifetime.

Not only can learning to sail be your ticket to fun and adventure, it also makes good economic sense. If you do not know how to sail and you want to spend a day on the water you have to charter a boat AND a crew to sail it. Once you learn for yourself how to captain the yacht you no longer need to hire a crew every time you want to take it out. Now, you are in charge and you can hit the water whenever you want and it will cost you considerably less. You can charter that yacht, or better yet invest in your own, and begin your adventure as captain of the ship!"