Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning to Sail is an exhilarating way to help wipe your worries away

So if you're not already a sailor, and looking for a little motivation, check out this enthusiastic article kindly sent to us from Kimberley McNath from Lauderdale Marine Centre.

"If you are a person who enjoys being on the water, enjoys the feeling of freedom and adventure you get from being on a yacht with your friends and family and breathing the fresh clean sea air, then I have one simple piece of advice for you, learn how to sail!

There are many reasons I can think of why I would encourage any boating enthusiast to learn how to sail but the first and, in my opinion, most important is it's fun! There is really no more exhilarating feeling than being at the wheel of a yacht. Navigating the open water and coaxing your vessel to act and react just how you want her to is one of the most exciting feelings a person could ever experience. Whether your cup of tea is fishing, entertaining friends and family, or just getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and spending time on the water, yachting is a hobby that has so much to offer.

If you've ever been on a yacht you know how amazing it can be. When you're on the water you feel like the whole ocean is your own. Now imagine that you are the captain of that yacht. The ship goes where you want her to go when you want her to go there. There is really no experience quite like it. Your family and friends will be amazed when you take control of the vessel and take them on the adventure of a lifetime.

Not only can learning to sail be your ticket to fun and adventure, it also makes good economic sense. If you do not know how to sail and you want to spend a day on the water you have to charter a boat AND a crew to sail it. Once you learn for yourself how to captain the yacht you no longer need to hire a crew every time you want to take it out. Now, you are in charge and you can hit the water whenever you want and it will cost you considerably less. You can charter that yacht, or better yet invest in your own, and begin your adventure as captain of the ship!"

Monday, February 11, 2013

RBYC February Update

Hi folks,

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Australia Day BBQ.  Photos are up on our Facebook page if you'd like to tag yourselves or your friends  Also another big thank you to those who attended our first Yard Sale, a couple of pics are up on Facebook from that event as well.

What's on this month?

Thursday 14th Feb - Movie night at Sam's Tours 6.45pm screening 2012 Comedy 'This Is 40', starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.  I know it's Valentine's Day, so I've resisted the urge to make you all sit through Dirty Dancing (an all time favourite Patrick Swayze romance film of mine) and have settled on a modern Rom Com :)  A look at the lives of Pete and Debbie a few years after the events of 'Knocked Up'.

Thursday 21st Feb - Movie night at Sam's Tours 6.45pm screening 'Nova Zembla', a Nordic Drama based on the true story about an attempt through the northern ice.   

Friday 22nd Feb - Dinghy Raft Up!  For those of you who haven't attended one before, bring your dinghy, some drinks, and a nibbly thing to share, meeting at Sam's at 5pm and heading out to watch the sunset somewhere.

Thursday 28th Feb - Movie night at Sam's Tours 6.45pm screening the IMAX documentary 'Dolphins' narrated by Pierce Brosnan.  

RBYC Online

Once again don't forget to check out the RBYC Blog at  Don't forget to 'Like' us on Facebook and spread the word!  

RBYC Membership Renewals in 2013 -  Pop in to the Sam's Tours Dive Shop and renew your membership today.  We're pleased to announce that our membership dues for 2013 remain unchanged with Regular membership $25, or Family membership $35.  A list of all the RBYC member benefits can be found on our blog here  

Have a great week ahead!

The RBYC Team :)