Navigation and entry into Palau

Do not rely on GPS for entry into Palau.

There are definite discrepancies between GPS derived positions and most charts of Palau, including both paper and electronic charts.

The GPS position at the center of the entrance to the East Passage is 07° 16.84' N x 134° 28.01' E. Watch out for the reef extending seaward from both sides of the channel. Do not cut the corners!

The GPS position at the center of the entrance to the West Passage is 07° 32.48' N x 134° 27.77' E. This should locate you in line with the range markers.

Although these positions have been successfully used by incoming and outgoing vessels, RBYC and Sam’s Tours assume no liability for any error in this data. Safe navigation in Palau waters is your responsibility. Be careful and watch for reefs. Koror State Rangers assess steep fines for vessels grounding on coral reefs – $100 to $500 and up.

Vessels should enter either passage only during daylight hours and allow plenty of time to arrive at the Commercial Dock well before the government office 4:30 PM closing time. Coral reefs and swift currents make all navigation dangerous, especially for newcomers to Palau and particularly after dark.

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