RBYC Member Services

You must be a member of RBYC in order to use any of the Yacht Club benefits listed in this section, excluding patronage of Bottom Time Bar and Grill and Internet purchase.

Dinghy Dock: Yacht crews may only tie their yacht tenders to the dock located at the extreme western end of the northern main dock at Sam’s Tours. The southern dock is privately owned and reserved exclusively for authorized tenders and charter boat use. Keep out of the way of dive boats. Slow down on approach and be aware of lines, diver bubbles, kayaks and children swimming.  There is a 24-hour limit for tenders to be left at the dinghy dock. Any boat tied to this dock longer than 24 hours will be removed and tied to the owner’s yacht.  Please be courteous to fellow yachties by tying on with a long painter, not locking your dinghy with a cable and leaving your engines down. 

Water: Sam’s Tours has water available at the main dock. See conditions of use of the main dock below.

Palau’s municipal water is potable; however, it may contain some particulates. Water taken aboard should be filtered.

Use of Main Dock: The Main (northern) Dock at Sam’s Tours may be used upon occasion by visiting yachts for taking on water, fuel, washing the vessel, provisioning, etc. The Skipper must request permission at the Dive Shop 24 hours before the intended use of the dock. Yachts drafting more than three feet should tie to the inside of the northern dock, as there is shallow reef on the outside of the dock. Any yacht coming alongside the Main Dock must keep at least one crew member in attendance at all times in case the yacht needs to be moved unexpectedly. Dock use is limited to the hours between 10 AM and 2 PM.

Although water is available at the dock, Sam’s Tours and RBYC strictly prohibit doing laundry and other cleaning of yacht furnishings and canvas such as awnings, cushions, dinghies, etc. on any docks. Before using the docks for anything other than dinghy tie-up, please request permission at the Sam’s Tours Dive Shop.

Trash Disposal: RBYC members may dispose of normal household trash in the trash area at the road entrance to Sam’s Tours. All trash must be boxed or bagged securely to ease handling and prevent spills. Disposal of hazardous materials such as engine oil, transmission fluid, yacht batteries, etc. is not permitted.

Topside Service Station (part of Midtown Service Center) will accept uncontaminated engine oil, transmission fluid or used yacht batteries for disposal at no charge. Call in advance: 488-4338. If unsure of how to dispose of hazardous waste, call the Environmental Quality Protection Board at 488-1639 or 488-3600.

Bike Rack: There is a bike rack adjacent to the toilet and shower block. Store your bike and lock it there – at your own risk. Ride your bicycle defensively.

Mail and Shipping: Palau is part of the U.S. Postal Service with its own Zip Code – 96940. Priority Air Mail Service is the fastest and most cost effective service available. Average shipping time from the mainland U.S. runs from five to ten working days, but a shipment can take upwards of three weeks if airline flights are fully booked with passenger traffic, which has the highest priority. All air shipments arrive only via United Airlines. Federal Express, DHL and UPS shipments all arrive on United flights, all in the same time frame as mail and cost much more than USPS Priority Air Service.

For Incoming Shipments for Yachts in Transit, please use the following address:

Yacht in Transit (and name of Yacht)
C/o Sam’s Tours
P.O. Box 7076
Koror PW 96940
+ 680-488-1062

The contact at Sam’s Tours for Shipping and Receiving is Ms. Jalilou Elizalde: jalilou@samstours.com

Mail receiving is currently provided as a courtesy service only. Please show due consideration and only check with Jalilou after 4:30 PM when the mail has been collected from the Post Office and sorted for individual pick-up.

Couriers, such as DHL, FedEx, etc., will not deliver to a P.O. Box. For courier shipments, change the Ship To address to read:

Yacht in Transit (and name of Yacht)
C/o Sam’s Tours
Box 7076 Main Street
Koror, PW 96940

Take Outgoing Mail to the Koror Post Office downtown – open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, closed on holidays.

Hazardous Materials, Oversize and Heavy Shipments: Airlines will not carry hazardous cargo.  Hazardous and other items that are either not accepted or too expensive to ship by air can be shipped by ground.  Oversize or heavy (over 70 ponds) shipments may be carried by the postal service, but at a premium rate.  Check online for rates and restrictions at http://www.usps.com.   
Another alternative is to arrange shipments through TripleB in San Leandro, CA. Their website is: www.tripleb.com. Overland (ship) shipments can take anywhere from five to eight weeks depending upon when the shipment enters the schedule. Ships from the U.S. arrive every other week.

Internet: Wireless Internet service is available throughout Sam’s Tours facilities. Inquire at the Bar for rates and access and also for use of the Sam’s Tours Computer Room.

Showers: Hot showers are available in the restrooms at Sam’s Tours.

Telephone: Yacht crews can use the phone at the Bar to make free local calls. Keep your calls as short as possible as a courtesy to others, especially the Bottom Time Bar and Grill, who may need to use the phone. A Debusch Prepaid Phone Card, to use for long distance calls at the PNCC office in Koror, can be purchased at Sam’s Tours.

Fax: The Sam’s Tours office (upstairs from the Dive Shop) has fax service available. There is a fee of $1 per page for outgoing and incoming faxes.

Bottom Time Bar and Grill: Open from 7:30 AM until late, the Bottom Time Bar and Grill offers a selection of local and imported beers, wine and mixed drinks along with a menu of tasty foods from snacks to full meals. The bar and restaurant area is closed for cleaning each Monday from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Please do not disrupt the staff while cleaning is in progress.

Transport: Sam’s Tours Shuttle Buses sometimes provide free one-way trips into Koror on a space available basis. Sam’s Tours guests always have priority.

Parking: The Sam’s Tours parking lot is reserved for the use of Sam’s Tours guests. If you rent or purchase a car, please park it outside of the Sam’s Tours fence, night or day.

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