Yacht Harbor Photo

Please Note: The entrance markers are vertical poles on floats and are painted red or green respectively. After dark they flash the colors shown. Waypoint 1 (WP1) will keep you clear of the reef to the right. WP2 marks the center of the channel (12 feet mean low tide) into the harbor. Do not anchor between the shore and the pink line due to small boat traffic. The RBYC Welcome Mooring is available on a first come, first served basis to newly arrived yachts for up to 48 hours maximum. It is yellow and printed with RBYC in blue. Any yacht secured to this mooring must be prepared to vacate it at any time if advised by Sam’s Tours staff. All other moorings are Privately Owned and not to be used without the owner’s permission. Yacht owners should be prepared to move their vessels in the event of strong southwesterly winds when the anchorage can become quite rough and untenable.

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