Fees and Permits

You should receive a receipt for every fee paid. If not offered, ask for it.

Immigration: U.S. Citizens receive a one (1) year Tourist Visa at no charge. All other citizens receive a thirty (30) day Tourist Visa at no charge. Up to 2 extensions of 30 days each at a cost of $50 per person per extension may be requested, for a total stay of 90 days. All visitors (with the exception of U.S. citizens) must depart within 90 days. Holders of Tourist Visas are NOT PERMITTED to work in Palau.

Vessel Entry Permit: A flat $50 fee is charged for the Vessel Entry Permit, which you will obtain later at the Bureau of Immigration. Keep the receipt because you will be required to produce it when applying for the permit at the Bureau of Immigration.

Water Vessel Tax: A $50 flat fee for Water Vessel Tax applies to all visiting yachts and is payable to Customs at check-in.

Dockage: All vessels are assessed a fee for use of the Commercial Dock at a rate of $.06/Net Registered Ton. The Skipper will be instructed to go to the Koror State Ranger’s Office – about a quarter-mile walk each way – to pay this fee.

Line Handlers: If you did not refuse line handlers, the port will attempt to charge you a fee based on your vessel’s tonnage, typically $80 or more for an average 40 foot yacht. The Skipper may be able to negotiate this down to a flat $20. If you do not throw any lines to the dock handlers, you are not required to pay a fee.

Following the clearing in process at the Commercial Dock, you must move your vessel to anchor in the large western part of Malakal Harbor or in the cove by Sam’s Tours. You may be permitted to use the RBYC Guest Mooring if available and requested before arrival (see conditions below under RBYC Member Services).

Palau Vessel Entry Permit: Some time after securing your vessel, the Skipper must go to the Bureau of Immigration, located next to the Police Station in downtown Koror, to fill out an application for the Vessel Entry Permit. You can do this during business hours the day after check-in if you arrive late in the afternoon. There will be no additional fee since it was paid while clearing-in at the dock. Be sure to bring your receipt. This permit allows a vessel to enter Malakal Harbor only. Vessel navigation is restricted to Malakal Harbor until a Koror State Cruising Permit is obtained (see below).

U.S. Registered Vessels are entitled to a Vessel Entry Permit valid for ONE YEAR. All other vessels receive a Vessel Entry Permit valid for 30 DAYS, with the option of up to 2 extensions of 30 days each at a cost of $50 per extension, for a total stay of 90 days. All vessels EXCEPT U.S. registered vessels must Clear Out within 90 days.
Koror State Cruising Permit: If you wish to take your yacht beyond Malakal Harbor to visit the Rock Islands (the most popular cruising ground and location of most of Palau’s world-class diving), a Koror State Cruising Permit is required. The permit costs approximately $10/foot of boat length, up to a maximum $80, and is valid for 30 days. There are differing categories of fees, so confirm this at the Ranger’s office. A copy of your Vessel Entry Permit and Crew List is required to apply for a Koror State Cruising Permit. Cruising Permit Application Form is available at the Koror State Ranger’s Office and also provided with this pack. Submit the application and payment at the Koror State Ranger’s office.   

Koror State Rock Island Permits: Each individual is required to purchase a Rock Island Permit (available at Sam’s Tours) if swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, etc. or using the beaches within the Rock Islands. The fees are:
$50 per person – valid for 10 days EXCLUDING access to Jellyfish Lake.
$100 per person – valid for 10 days INCLUDING access to Jellyfish Lake.

Proceeds from permit fees are used to provide and maintain mooring buoys at dive sites, maintain and clean rest rooms on State beaches and Jellyfish Lake, and for Marine Ranger patrols.

Peleliu State has a similar permit requirement that applies to divers only (not snorkelers) at $30 per person and valid for 10 days and $10 per person for a land tour.  Permits may be secured through Sam’s Tours or from the Peleliu State Liaison Office in Koror.

Fishing Licenses:  An individual Koror State Fishing License showing the bearer’s name is required for each person fishing.  These cost $20 for one month or $240 for one year and are available at Sam’s Tours.

There may be other nominal permit fees that apply depending on your touring preferences. State fees are often subject to change.

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