Clearing In

Be prepared for multiple Government officials to participate in Vessel Entry Clearance. Officials are generally very courteous and polite and include but are not limited to: Customs, Immigration, Sanitation, Quarantine, Transportation, Health Department and Public Safety (Police). It is highly recommended to make multiple copies of crew lists, ship’s papers, inventory for any weapons and/or ammunition and other commonly requested papers in advance. Being prepared and organized will smooth Clearing In.

Crew Visas: All individuals receive a free 30 day Tourist Visa upon entry.
NOTE: Visitors or Crew arriving in Palau by AIR are required to have a return ticket out of the country (U.S. citizens are exempt from this requirement).  If crew will arrive in Palau by air on a one-way ticket and depart by sea, Immigration must be notified in advance so they in turn can advise the airline(s) to permit the passenger(s) to board, otherwise the passenger(s) may be denied boarding on their flight in to Palau. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required and must be done during government business hours.

Customs: A Customs Officer will request the Skipper to fill out a declaration form listing items carried such as alcohol, tobacco, cash, firearms, drugs, etc., and he or she may inspect your vessel.

Firearms: Firearms of any sort are NOT PERMITTED in Palau. Firearms and ammunition on board must be inventoried and turned over to the Bureau of Public Safety (Police) for storage while in Palau. You will find police officers to be courteous and helpful and there is no charge for their services. Prior to departure, call Police to have weapons promptly returned. Make a few copies of the weapons and/or ammunition inventory list to speed up the process.

Drugs: Drugs other than common non-prescription medicines MUST be accompanied by a prescription. Some non-prescription medications may be restricted in Palau.

Illegal Drugs: STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Rules, fines and seizure laws are very strong. Palau Customs has a Canine Unit, which is used randomly to search and inspect arriving vessels and shipments.

Quarantine: Prepare an itemized inventory of ships stores for review by Quarantine. Dispose of any organic trash properly before arriving in Palau. Quarantine may confiscate for incineration any organic trash, fresh foodstuffs and any meats of concern to them. An incineration charge of $35.00 applies per bag of any confiscated goods.

Trash: Separate any organic trash (foodstuffs, plants, vegetables, fruits, etc.) from other items such as paper/cardboard/aluminum. All trash should be properly bagged in plastic. An incineration charge of $35.00 per bag applies to any confiscated trash. No trash may be off-loaded without approval from the Quarantine Officer.

Crew Lists:  Make several copies (including passport details) before arrival, as most officials will request one or more.

Ship’s Papers: Make several copies before arrival.

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