Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sam's Tours (RBYC Homeport) - Images after Remodel

As promised, here are a few images from the newly remodeled Sam's Tours Dive Center.

All images courtesy of our good friend Gunther Deichmann. Check out for stunning images from Gunther's latest travels to Palau and elsewhere.


Sam Scott, founder of Sam's Tours Palau, at the opening of Sam's Tours newly remodeld dive center - Gunther Deichmann


Sam's Tours, Palau Micronesia - a view from the water - Gunther Deichmann.


Sam's Tours - close up from the water- Gunther Deichmann.


Sam's Tours, Palau, Micronesia - View from the Parking Lot - Gunther Deichmann


Rental Locker, Sam's Tours Palau, Micronesia - Gunther Deichmann


Compressor Room, Sam's Tours, Palau, Micronesia. - Gunther Deichmann

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ECLIPSE starts eighth season at Sam's Tours!

Eclipse at Sunset

November 1st, 2007 marks the start of the eighth season for Sam’s Tours unique dive offering in Palau, Eclipse, still the only chartered live aboard exploring this diving paradise. What makes Eclipse unique is that it is small enough for just one or two couples to afford exclusive use of a fully equipped live aboard, complete with very experienced captain, dive master and chef.

Eclipse underway with Charlie at the helm.

How often have you wished you could just have your own boat for a week of diving? How often have you wished you could have visited fabulous dive destinations when there were no other divers? That is the reality of diving with Eclipse, and in Palau, yet, famous for big fish encounters on remote pristine reefs, dozens of miles from the hotels and resorts in the developed parts of the country.

Guests enjoying the relaxed atmosphere on Eclipse.
But that is not all. Since Eclipse is just for a small group of friends or family the trips are totally customized to the desires of the guests. In addition to diving where and when you most want to dive, Eclipse also has enough sea kayaks aboard for all, plus fishing gear and the time to explore a few of the hundreds of uninhabited islands that fill the huge lagoon. Perhaps the biggest thrill is that Eclipse is also a fine sailing yacht, allowing guests to take the wheel and feel the surge and power of the Pacific Trade Winds as she charges south to the best diving most people have ever experienced.
Just one of the many wonders that awaits you in Palau!

Another great treat aboard is getting to know the crew, John and Charlie, the husband and wife team that show what total immersion in the diving life can be. John has had the rare opportunity to sail his own boat and dive all over the Pacific, living the dream so many divers harbor. Charlie is a talented chef from China who went crazy for diving after starting work on Eclipse. Now one of the best dive masters in Palau, Charlie’s enthusiasm is overwhelming, extending even after dinner for the most amazing night dives imaginable. Sounds good?

For more info, visit:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Global Adventure visits Palau

Radio and television financial and political commentator Keith DeGreen, a U.S. Marine veteran and author, lecturer and lawyer is the owner of The Global Adventure, a beautiful Nordhavn 55 Motor Yacht presently visiting Palau. The Global Adventure is berthed at the Royal Belau Yacht Club at Sam's Tours. The boat is a floating television and radio station from which Keith now broadcasts his weekly show. Keith and his crew originally departed from San Diego, California and have visited Hawaii, the Marshall Islands and Pohnpei, Micronesia before arriving in Palau.

Keith just completed his PADI Open Water Course today at Sam's Tours PADI 5-Star National Geographic Dive Center with Sam's Tours Instructor, Jeroen JB Beckers. Congratulations Keith and welcome to the underwater world!

To learn more about Keith's amazing vessel and his exciting world circumnavigation adventures, log on to Those who love the open ocean and passage making will really enjoy reading Keith's wonderful log entries and trip reports.

Crew member Bryan Wallace, who serves as engineer on board, is from Ireland as am I. We had a good old session at Bottom Time Bar & Grill at Sam's Tours savoring the local Red Rooster beer but all the while dreaming about those creamy pints of Guinness back home!

Wolf and Alida, captain and deckhand respectively, also joined our wee session at Bottom Time. Wolf who hails from Austria was intent on convincing Bryan and I that the Irish descended from the Austrians! When that didn't work he started on the locals and was doing a pretty good and convincing job telling the story of how the Austrians first settled Palau and the Palauans later descended from them! Maybe, just maybe....there was a wee bit too much Red Rooster involved!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

M/Y Octopus visits Palau

Another recent visitor to Palau was the large private motor yacht M/Y Octopus. Octopus' sister ship M/Y Tatoosh visited Palau previously. M/Y Octopus is equipped with a helicopter, submarine and 2 ROV's and fully equipped for all sorts of diving adventures. The vessel was only here for about ten days but we made many great friends with crew members on board who all enjoyed Palau's world class diving.
We hope to see them all again soon. Sam's Tours served as their Land Agent and Ground Services provider, as we do for most of the large private yachts that visit Palau. At 414 feet long and about 70 feet wide, Octopus is hard to miss. Keep an eye out at your local harbor, just in case.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

RBYC Supports Earthrace World Record Attempt!

The Earthrace team led by Peter Bethune skipper of the radical
"wave-piercing" vessel "Earthrace" is presently in Palau, Micronesia making
engine repairs on day forty five of their world record attempt. The race
began on the island of Barbados on the other side of the world. Sam's Tours
and the Royal Belau Yacht Club (RBYC) have been supporting the team with
meals (and just a few of Palau's local micro-brewed Red Rooster beers!).

At a small but lively function last night at Sam's Tours, official home of
the Royal Belau Yacht Club (RBYC), Commodore Sam Scott presented the four
Earthrace crew members with Perpetual Honorary RBYC Membership Awards in
recognition of their valuable contributions to seamanship and the art of
world circumnavigation and for promoting the development of environmentally
friendly technologies including bio-diesel. Earthrace is fueled by
bio-diesel and hopes to be the first boat to go around the world using this
environmentally friendly alternative fuel.

Earthrace crew on the leg to Palau consisted of Peter Bethune, Skipper;
Marty Mead, Engineer; Ryan Heron, Navigator; Joe Grabill, Sponsor.

Ground support team members Scott Fratcher, Allison Thompson and Lance
Wordsworth also received Perpetual Honorary Membership cards and club

Today while the technical team is poring over the engines one Earthrace,
Skipper Peter Bethune and a few of the crew members are taking advantage of
the down time to enjoy some of Palau's spectacular diving which includes
visits to the Helmet Wreck and Chandelier Cave in Malakal Harbor. Next stop
for Earthrace is Singapore.

Skipper Peter Bethune and support crew Scott Fratcher spent a generous
amount of time explaining the advantages of using bio-diesel and how to
produce it to Sam and several other interested boat owners. For more
information on Earthrace and bio-diesel fuel log on to

I just spoke to Peter and the crew as they got back from their day trip and
they were ecstatic! "Best day of my life" said both Peter and Ryan!... and
that from two guys who are half way around the world! Wow! A bit of wreck
diving, some cave diving and a little cliff jumping. Check out their blog.
I'll have to post my pictures later.

Dermot Keane
General Manager
Sam's Tours Palau

For RBYC info: <>

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hokulea Visits Palau

April 17, 2007
The Polynesian Voyaging Society vessel Hokulea, recently visited Palau during a tour of the Pacific. Hokulea was accompanied by another vessel Alingano Maisu which was built by members of the PVS and gifted to Mao Pialug, the traditional master navigator from the nearby island of Satawal. Pictured are Nainoa Thompson, skipper of Hokulea, and Sam Scott, Commodore of the Royal Belau Yacht Club.

Monday, February 26, 2007

S/Y Andromeda La Dea

Andromeda La Dea, the Perinin Navi 150 foot sloop, spent a few months in
Palau where he owner and family enjoyed the scenic Rock Islands along with
some diving, snorkeling and lots of beach time. Long time Palau resident
Kevin Davidson, professional underwater photographer and videographer, PADI
Master Instructor, former liveaboard dive yacht skipper and USCG Licensed
Captain served as their guide. Kevin operates KD Photo Center at Sam's Dive
Tours providing underwater photo and video services, instruction courses and
equipment repair when not otherwise engaged by visiting superyachts as their
local guide. Kevin can be reached at:

Andromeda La Dea's former owner is Tom Perkins who now owns the spectacular
"Maltese Falcon" with it's hi-tech dyna-rig.

When not out in the Rock Islands, Andromeda anchored up right in front of
the Royal Belau Yacht Club and provided a beautiful addition to our already
spectacular scenery and sunsets.