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Airline Connections: United Airlines ( is the only carrier providing regularly scheduled DAILY flights to and from Koror, Palau (Airport Code ROR). There is daily service between Guam, USA (Airport Code GUM) and Koror. There are two flights per week to and from Manila, Philippines (MNL) and Yap.

The following additional airlines offer service to and from Palau:

Asiana Air offers non-stop service between Seoul and Koror twice weekly
·      Delta Airlines offers direct service between Tokyo (Narita) and Koror three times per week
·      China Airlines flies between Taipei and Koror four times per week
·      Korean Airlines operates non-stop service between Seoul and Koror twice weekly
·      Palau Airways flies between Koror and Taipei four times per week.

Check online for all flight schedules.

Banks: Currency is U.S. Dollars. Many banks are reluctant to accept large one-time deposits/wire transfers due to international money laundering concerns. Sam’s Tours can assist its commercial clients with fund handling.

There are two regional banks and one local bank in Palau. Each has at least one ATM operating 24/7. Bank of Hawaii allows withdrawals of up to $200 at a time, but you can do this up to either your card limit or $600, whichever is less, by making three withdrawals, one after the other. Pacific Bank allows withdrawals up to your card limit or $1000, whichever is less, in one transaction. Bank of Guam allows withdrawals of up to $400 or to your card limit.

Most local business establishments readily accept all major credit cards. Shipping agents, tour companies (e.g., Sam’s Tours), fuel companies, etc. all accept wire transfers.

Communications: International Direct Dialing (IDD) is readily available. Debusch Prepaid Phone Cards are sold at Sam’s Tours and many business establishments. Calling rates are 28 cents per minute to regional countries and 35 cents per minute elsewhere.

Cell phone service is available – GSM 900. SIM Cards are available only at Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC, located on the main road through Koror on the left side of the road before you reach the Post Office) and cost $25 including service activation and $10 airtime. International roaming is not available so overseas phones will not work in Palau without a local SIM Card. Texting is available to some destinations such as Philippines and United States.

Check with PNCC since service and fees frequently change.

Cell phones are available for purchase through PNCC or Jezrrae.

Airtime Cards are sold at most commercial establishments, including Sam’s Tours, for $10.

Landline phone booths and fax services are available at PNCC during working hours: 8 AM – 5 PM Monday - Friday.

Groceries: The largest grocery stores / supermarkets in Koror are: Hanpa, Payless, Surangels, and WCTC. They are all located on the main road through Koror. There are also countless convenience stores scattered around, the closest being a small branch of WCTC called the West Mini Mart, and Kings Mini Mart, both located just around the corner and only a short walk from Sam’s Tours. Keep in mind that Palau is an island and from time to time some items may not be available.

Hardware and Yacht Supplies: There are two large hardware stores, Mason’s Do It Best and Ace Hardware, in Koror. They each carry a limited selection of marine and yacht supplies along with a large assortment of household and automotive supplies. There is a NAPA dealer right next door to PECI (propane outlet) that carries a very limited, and usually expensive, range of automotive goods.

Internet Access: Wi-Fi access is available at lots of Internet Cafés in town. Internet access is slow compared to the U.S. so patience may be required. There are PNCC wireless Hotspots throughout Koror, including the airport terminal, for which you must purchase access.

Laundry: The closest laundry service is located on the right side of the road across from the PECI (propane) storage tanks. It is a small, white building with a small sign “Laundry Service” and is attached to a large metal structure. You can spot the machines inside the door when open. An attendant will run your laundry through wash and dry and fold it all. Normal turn-around is 24 hours. Wash runs $.75/load, dry $1.00/load, a flat $.75 service charge applies per load however this in known to vary.

Medical and Dental: Belau National Hospital is a well-equipped and staffed hospital. Available services include Inpatient and Outpatient care, emergency room, dental and a Recompression Chamber staffed by an experienced Barotrauma Team.  Dental care is available on a walk in basis at the hospital or alternatively at MH Dental Clinic in Koror.
There are several private clinics, outpatient surgeries and pharmacies. Please refer to the contact information and hours of operation at the back of this brochure. If you need large quantities of drugs, advance notice is advisable.

Propane: PECI (Palau Equipment Company Inc.) Ph: 488-2628 – open Monday-Saturday 7:30 AM-4:30 PM and operates the only source for LPG in Palau. Walk down the road from Sam’s Tours to the stop sign. Turn right and you will find PECI about a quarter-mile down the road on the left side – you will easily spot the big LPG tanks. They will do partial fills.

Restaurants and Entertainment: There are lots of great local restaurants to choose from including: Bottom Time Bar and Grill at Sam’s Tours; The Taj, an excellent Indian Restaurant; and Krämers Café, which ex-pats and local dive staff frequent, for a casual pub/restaurant experience.

Taxis: Taxi service is good and can take you anywhere in Koror that you want to go, including to the airport. There are two taxi drivers who offer good service, work well with yacht crews and are recommended by RBYC members:

Parker – 779-6174                                         Johnston – 779-8820

Standard rates are:
Sam’s Tours to town one-way – $3.00-$5.00
Sam’s Tours to Hospital one-way – $5.00
Sam’s Tours to Airport one-way – $20.00

Either driver offers island tours and rates may vary. Call them for pricing and availability.

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