Arriving Vessels

All vessels must Clear In IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL at the official Port of Entry on the East side of Malakal Harbor at the Commercial Dock. Anchoring before Clearing In is prohibited.

Arriving vessels must contact Palau Port Control on VHF Channel 16 before mooring at the Commercial Dock.

GPS position for CHECK IN at the Commercial Dock is: 07° 19.84' N x 134° 27.48' E.

The government officials require incoming vessels to moor to the Commercial Dock and will not clear vessels at anchor. Port Control does not monitor the radio until 8 AM. Port Control will acknowledge your arrival and inform you that line handlers will be standing by. If you do not want to use the line handlers, you need to inform Port Control that you do not require them. Line handler use is not mandatory (and fees apply, as described under the Fees and Permits section, if you do use them).

Palau Port Control, Division of Transportation:
Office Hours: Mon – Fri from 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM – this is the same for most government offices.
Overtime fees apply to vessels Clearing In on weekends, holidays and after hours.

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