Tuesday, April 24, 2007

RBYC Supports Earthrace World Record Attempt!

The Earthrace team led by Peter Bethune skipper of the radical
"wave-piercing" vessel "Earthrace" is presently in Palau, Micronesia making
engine repairs on day forty five of their world record attempt. The race
began on the island of Barbados on the other side of the world. Sam's Tours
and the Royal Belau Yacht Club (RBYC) have been supporting the team with
meals (and just a few of Palau's local micro-brewed Red Rooster beers!).

At a small but lively function last night at Sam's Tours, official home of
the Royal Belau Yacht Club (RBYC), Commodore Sam Scott presented the four
Earthrace crew members with Perpetual Honorary RBYC Membership Awards in
recognition of their valuable contributions to seamanship and the art of
world circumnavigation and for promoting the development of environmentally
friendly technologies including bio-diesel. Earthrace is fueled by
bio-diesel and hopes to be the first boat to go around the world using this
environmentally friendly alternative fuel.

Earthrace crew on the leg to Palau consisted of Peter Bethune, Skipper;
Marty Mead, Engineer; Ryan Heron, Navigator; Joe Grabill, Sponsor.

Ground support team members Scott Fratcher, Allison Thompson and Lance
Wordsworth also received Perpetual Honorary Membership cards and club

Today while the technical team is poring over the engines one Earthrace,
Skipper Peter Bethune and a few of the crew members are taking advantage of
the down time to enjoy some of Palau's spectacular diving which includes
visits to the Helmet Wreck and Chandelier Cave in Malakal Harbor. Next stop
for Earthrace is Singapore.

Skipper Peter Bethune and support crew Scott Fratcher spent a generous
amount of time explaining the advantages of using bio-diesel and how to
produce it to Sam and several other interested boat owners. For more
information on Earthrace and bio-diesel fuel log on to
<http://www.earthrace.net/> http://www.earthrace.net/

I just spoke to Peter and the crew as they got back from their day trip and
they were ecstatic! "Best day of my life" said both Peter and Ryan!... and
that from two guys who are half way around the world! Wow! A bit of wreck
diving, some cave diving and a little cliff jumping. Check out their blog.
I'll have to post my pictures later.

Dermot Keane
General Manager
Sam's Tours Palau
<http://www.samstours.com/> http://www.samstours.com/

For RBYC info: <http://www.samstours.com/services-yachtclub.html>

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