Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Sailing Palau with my brothers on Anthea

Another great day on the water onboard the 8 Meter "Anthea". I love sailing this boat and on this particular day I have the pleasure of having my oldest and my youngest brother on board. Rory (aft) and Conor (in blue) are visiting from Ireland on a dive trip. Rory is an active diver in Ireland and Conor just got certified here in Palau at Sam's Tours. Just aft of the traveler is Thomas Schubert, long time resident of Palau and Germany's Honorary Consul to Palau. Gary is down below painting his nails! Ha ha ha!

That's Anthea's owner Gary, with the big grin. Anthea will do that to you! It's just hard not to smile when you're onboard this boat in any kind of breeze. She's a beauty! Thanks for another great day Gary!


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