Monday, February 26, 2007

S/Y Andromeda La Dea

Andromeda La Dea, the Perinin Navi 150 foot sloop, spent a few months in
Palau where he owner and family enjoyed the scenic Rock Islands along with
some diving, snorkeling and lots of beach time. Long time Palau resident
Kevin Davidson, professional underwater photographer and videographer, PADI
Master Instructor, former liveaboard dive yacht skipper and USCG Licensed
Captain served as their guide. Kevin operates KD Photo Center at Sam's Dive
Tours providing underwater photo and video services, instruction courses and
equipment repair when not otherwise engaged by visiting superyachts as their
local guide. Kevin can be reached at:

Andromeda La Dea's former owner is Tom Perkins who now owns the spectacular
"Maltese Falcon" with it's hi-tech dyna-rig.

When not out in the Rock Islands, Andromeda anchored up right in front of
the Royal Belau Yacht Club and provided a beautiful addition to our already
spectacular scenery and sunsets.

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