Saturday, November 24, 2012

Results from RBYC and Sam's Tours Harbour Clean Up

We had a great turnout for the second harbour clean up for 2012.  22 Volunteers arrived from RBYC, Sam's Tours and the Civic Action Team for the Dive Against Debris briefing at 10am, and we swiftly got everyone in the water and on their way to their chosen collection areas within the hour.  Most chose to dive, but we had a handful of snorkelers and dinghy drivers, and some logistics personal on land as well.    

Mike and Hae-Sung (Ziggies Follies) 
dragging a load under the dinghy
Richard, Lee and Joy (Before and After) work together as
snorkelers and a dinghy driver cleaning up around the Sam's Wall

In just a couple of hours we hauled 369lbs of trash out of the water, everything from cages to spectacles, tyres to record players, and one overwhelming culprit, the aluminium can, of which there were hundreds.  Data recorded from the event is being collated and will be submitted to Project Aware Foundation for the excellent work they do assisting to save our planet, one dive at a time, through Dive Against Debris events worldwide.  

I'd like to send a big thank you out to Sam's Tours for their donation of prizes, and lunch special for the event.  

A number of competitions were run with the results and prizes as follows:

Most Trash Collected - 
1st Place - The Inmates - 88lbs
Prize - 2 tank dive for 2 people at Sam's Tours

2nd Place - Michelle's Bells - 83lbs
Prize - Kayak tour for 2 people at Sam's Tours

3rd Place - Before and After - 60lbs
Prize - Sam's Tours Ex Rental Octopus (Can be claimed once new stock has arrived)

4th Place - Ziggies Follies - 58lbs
Prize - Sam's Tours Ex Rental BCD (Can be claimed once new stock has arrived)

5th Place - Sweet Sweet Chilli Sauce - 43lbs
Prize - Sam's Tours Ex Rental Suunto Dive Computer (Can be claimed once new stock has arrived)

and 6th Place - 1, 2, 3 Go - 37lbs
Prize - United Luggage Protection Bag

Weirdest/Coolest Object Found - 
Winner - Before and After with their great headless Japanese Statue
Prize - $30 Bottom Time Voucher

Largest Object Found -
Winner - The Inmates with their enormous Crab Cage
Prize - $40 Bottom Time Voucher

Smallest Object Found - 
Winner - Sweet Sweet Chilli Sauce with their tiny Butterfly Clip
Prize - $20 Bottom Time Voucher

Another big thank you needs to go United for donating the bags to hold the trash in!  Much appreciated.  Also another shout out, this one to Planet Blue Kayak Tours, for their kind offer to donate kayaks for the event (sadly the pouring rain meant there were no kayakers this time around).  The Civic Action Team kindly offered to dispose of the trash so thank you CAT, we're very grateful for your assistance.

Finally, a large warm and heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers on the day, we honestly couldn't have done it without you.

More photos from the event will go up on Facebook shortly.

Prizes will be distributed to the winners of all categories shortly.

Have a great week ahead!  And most of all, Be the Change you want to See in the World!

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