Wednesday, January 23, 2013

RBYC January Update

Hi folks,

Happy New Year to all our members and friends!  Thank you to all who participated in our Christmas Festivities, and of course to Gail Funk from S/Y Fifth Season who played the harp beautifully for the event.

Also a big thanks to all those who volunteered at our recent Ngemelis Clean Up post Typhoon Bopha.  I'll be posting some of the pics up on to our Facebook page later this week.  

What's on this month?

Thursday 17th Jan - Movie night at Sam's Tours 6.45pm screening 'Skyfall' the new Bond with dishy Danial Craig and I'm sure some smoking hot Bond girls too.  

Thursday 24th Jan - Movie night at Sam's Tours 6.45pm screening 'Act of Valor', an elite team of Navy NEALS embark on a covert mission to recover a missing CIA agent.  I believe this is made with real Navy SEALS! 

Friday 25th Jan - Palau Night Market 5pm-9pm Bethlehem Park.  Pop along to the park for cultural delights, local foods and live band.

Saturday 26th Jan - Australia Day BBQ!  Bring your Australian outfits of thongs, stubbies and a wife beater (that's flip flops, shorts and a singlet for those who don't speak Aussie slang), something snags (sausages) for the BBQ and something to share.  There will be music and beer and other Australian favourite frivolities from 5pm at Sam's Tours.  A big thanks to Red Rooster for providing their delicious beer for the event!

Sunday 27th Jan - RBYC Swap Meet!  Come down to Sam's Tours and bring anything you've spring cleaned from your boats to sell.  Swap meet will be help from 11am-1pm.  Don't forget to bring your dollars too in case you pick up a bargain :)

Thursday 31st Jan - Movie night at Sam's Tours 6.45pm screening 'The Dark Knight Rises' starring Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway.  Bane, a brutally ruthless terrorist leader, executes a sinister plan to tear apart Gotham and Batman's legacy piece by piece.  Physically and spiritually pushed to the edge, Bruce Wayne must rediscover himself to 'Rise' and save his city.  

RBYC Online

Once again don't forget to check out the RBYC Blog at  Don't forget to 'Like' us on Facebook and spread the word!  

RBYC Membership Renewals in 2013 - Pop in to the Sam's Tours Dive Shop and renew your membership today.  We're pleased to announce that our membership dues for 2013 remain unchanged with Regular membership $25, or Family membership $35.  A list of all the RBYC member benefits can be found on our blog here  

Have a great week ahead!

The RBYC Team :)

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