Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ECLIPSE starts eighth season at Sam's Tours!

Eclipse at Sunset

November 1st, 2007 marks the start of the eighth season for Sam’s Tours unique dive offering in Palau, Eclipse, still the only chartered live aboard exploring this diving paradise. What makes Eclipse unique is that it is small enough for just one or two couples to afford exclusive use of a fully equipped live aboard, complete with very experienced captain, dive master and chef.

Eclipse underway with Charlie at the helm.

How often have you wished you could just have your own boat for a week of diving? How often have you wished you could have visited fabulous dive destinations when there were no other divers? That is the reality of diving with Eclipse, and in Palau, yet, famous for big fish encounters on remote pristine reefs, dozens of miles from the hotels and resorts in the developed parts of the country.

Guests enjoying the relaxed atmosphere on Eclipse.
But that is not all. Since Eclipse is just for a small group of friends or family the trips are totally customized to the desires of the guests. In addition to diving where and when you most want to dive, Eclipse also has enough sea kayaks aboard for all, plus fishing gear and the time to explore a few of the hundreds of uninhabited islands that fill the huge lagoon. Perhaps the biggest thrill is that Eclipse is also a fine sailing yacht, allowing guests to take the wheel and feel the surge and power of the Pacific Trade Winds as she charges south to the best diving most people have ever experienced.
Just one of the many wonders that awaits you in Palau!

Another great treat aboard is getting to know the crew, John and Charlie, the husband and wife team that show what total immersion in the diving life can be. John has had the rare opportunity to sail his own boat and dive all over the Pacific, living the dream so many divers harbor. Charlie is a talented chef from China who went crazy for diving after starting work on Eclipse. Now one of the best dive masters in Palau, Charlie’s enthusiasm is overwhelming, extending even after dinner for the most amazing night dives imaginable. Sounds good?

For more info, visit: http://www.palau-divensail.com

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