Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Global Adventure visits Palau

Radio and television financial and political commentator Keith DeGreen, a U.S. Marine veteran and author, lecturer and lawyer is the owner of The Global Adventure, a beautiful Nordhavn 55 Motor Yacht presently visiting Palau. The Global Adventure is berthed at the Royal Belau Yacht Club at Sam's Tours. The boat is a floating television and radio station from which Keith now broadcasts his weekly show. Keith and his crew originally departed from San Diego, California and have visited Hawaii, the Marshall Islands and Pohnpei, Micronesia before arriving in Palau.

Keith just completed his PADI Open Water Course today at Sam's Tours PADI 5-Star National Geographic Dive Center with Sam's Tours Instructor, Jeroen JB Beckers. Congratulations Keith and welcome to the underwater world!

To learn more about Keith's amazing vessel and his exciting world circumnavigation adventures, log on to Those who love the open ocean and passage making will really enjoy reading Keith's wonderful log entries and trip reports.

Crew member Bryan Wallace, who serves as engineer on board, is from Ireland as am I. We had a good old session at Bottom Time Bar & Grill at Sam's Tours savoring the local Red Rooster beer but all the while dreaming about those creamy pints of Guinness back home!

Wolf and Alida, captain and deckhand respectively, also joined our wee session at Bottom Time. Wolf who hails from Austria was intent on convincing Bryan and I that the Irish descended from the Austrians! When that didn't work he started on the locals and was doing a pretty good and convincing job telling the story of how the Austrians first settled Palau and the Palauans later descended from them! Maybe, just maybe....there was a wee bit too much Red Rooster involved!

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